Little Green-Built Hybrid Homes

How are these homes Hybrid? These homes are considered hybrid because the building material is made from two different products, combined to make one. These homes are built using structural insulated panels (SIPS). These panels are made with steel skins and a polystyrene core.

These little houses are also Truly Green. There are no wood products used in the construction of the little homes. When completed the house is draft and moisture tight, and does not need any roofing or siding materials. Some people do choose to add these two features for the cosmetics, but if their budget is tight, it is not necessary.

These little houses can be run off-grid, with solar power and a composting toilet. Monthly home expenses can become a thing of the past. No Rent/House Payment, No Electric Bill and No Sewer/Water. Considering the state of the economy, this could be a big benefit.
These houses are small enough to put in your backyard. This would be a great place for your college kids who may need to move back home, or a small place for your parents to live in, rather than pay huge amounts for a Nursing Home. Do you have a piece of property where you would like to have a little vacation place? It's good for that too.

"It's An Idea, Whose Time Has Come."

Truly Hybrid Homes

Saving The Environment One House At A Time.

Environmentally friendly homes that allow you to contribute to the life of our planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

Cost effective and energy efficient homes that give you the option to live off the grid.

Other great benefits.

• House can be disassembled for moving or storage.
• Panels can be disassembled and used to build a larger home.
• The panel skin is the interior and the exterior finish.
• The panel skin can be painted your desired color.
• The house is fire proof.
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